If your pet reptile goes through a lot of crickets at mealtime, ordering them in bulk and then breeding and raising more crickets yourself is a cost-effective and easy thing to do. But simply getting the crickets to grow isn't all that there is. To have a successful cricket farm, you want to make sure you raise those crickets right to provide proper nutrition to your exotic pet.


Crickets can make excellent black and white crappie bait during the spring and summer months. These insects represent a natural food source for crappie and even crappie will occasionally feed on the surface, you would be much better off getting your bait down in the mid-level of the water column where crappie typically suspend.

They’re easy to maintain. These crickets don’t bite you, so it’s perfectly safe for little fingers to do the feeding and Although crickets are excellent food for many exotic pets, they are certainly not perfect. There are definitely some downsides to feeding them to your pet, although these are not because they are not nutritionally poor or lacking. First of all, crickets can be quite smelly.

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Crickets are animals that don't like to just be out in the open. They become very stressed out and stress can actually lead to their death. An overturned half coconut could be a good shelter, but make sure you have enough of them so your crickets don't overcrowd inside of it. 2021-04-07 · Make sure you have enough crickets to feed your pet with 30-50 extra to breed. It's important to have a mix of male and female crickets but preferably, more females than males. Female crickets have three long extrusions on their behind with the main one (called ovipositor) that it uses to deposit the eggs in the ground.

So take that into consideration as well. 2.

Interesting Facts about Crickets. ~ Crickets in the wild have a lifespan of less than a year. ~ Cricket’s ears are located on the knees of their front legs. ~ Crickets are popular as a live food source for pets, they are often dusted with a mineral supplement powder to ensure complete nutrition to the pet.

~ Crickets are popular as a live food source for pets, they are often dusted with a mineral supplement powder to ensure complete nutrition to the pet. Most garden variety crickets that you could catch yourself will do the trick: in North America the Acheta assimilis species will be the most commonly found in the wild.

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Wolf spiders are really quite harmless, and do make very good pet spiders. My first was a wolf spider. For a cage, they like a lot of floor space, maybe something like a one or two gallon aquarium, or a deep plastic tray maybe 8 inches by 12 inches (or a little bigger), with about 2 inches of chemical free potting soil for a substrate. Make sure your lizard looks in good health before buying it. It should have clear nostrils; the mouth should appear pink (not red or cheesy discharge); and the fecal opening (vent) should be clean. Take your new lizard to an exotics veterinarian for a thorough exam, including a stool check, to ensure that it doesn't have any internal parasites or other ailments.

Many will also accept pre-killed rodents, small fish or crayfish too. Horned Frogs. A few different horned frogs of the genus Ceratophrys make good pets, but the Argentine horned frog (C.
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Do crickets make good pets

Here’s why: They’re readily available in pet shops. They’re easy to maintain.

Locusts do not make noise and are relatively odorless. They are able to chew through plastic netting (for example through mosquito nets).
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